18/03/2014 - 21/03/2014

MCE 2014 – From 18th to 21st march 2014

Here the company showed a lot of new products, to a very interested audience. Frascold is shown once again as an ideal partner and a concrete reference point for reciprocating and screw compressors to be used in the refrigeration and processing and/or air conditioning fields.
At MCE 2014 Frescold proposed a preview of the new CXIV compressor, with integrated inverter and continuous and automatic Vi adjustment. This is an innovative and unique product, and the first to offer maximum efficiency also in the presence of changes in the operating conditions and required load and to guarantee the highest ever seasonal efficiency for a semi-hermetic screw compressor. This product shall be available soon in 5 sizes, with 4 higher perfomance models to be made available later on.
The reciprocating compressors, already available in specific versions for traditional refrigerants and applications, now include ranges for HC or the new HFOs (ATEX versions) and for CO2 in subcritical or transcritical cycle. Other important technological innovations introduced in the field of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors include, for instance, the new, lighter integrated inverter, with a more immediate access to the reference parameters via USB and to the calibration parameters through the potentiometer; the new RSH head makes it possible to provide 50% of total performance, thus increasing the number of steps and eliminating at the same time all possible issues connected with the classic throttled heads; the new double-stage compressor with all its internaòl distribution channels and improved efficiency thanks to the new heads and the streamlining of the internal fluid dynamics .
Important novelties also concern the screw compressor. New open HFC and ammonia compressors have been presented for refrigeration purposes, and new sizes of semi-hermetic models, up to 540 m3/h have been added. With regard to compact screw compressors, three new families have been presented: the traditional compressors, streamlined for low compression ratios, compressors for parallel applications and/or use with flooded evaporators and finally compressors with integrated inverter. There is also the important novelty of the continuous and automatic operation variable Vi model, based on the work point:. this is, for all intents and purposes, a never-before-offered universal device with maximum efficiency.
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