28/11/2017 -

Turkish tramways' AC systems: Frascold is the heart

Turkish brand Safkar is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of transport temperature control systems in Europe. With the largest market share of this segment in Turkey, they build climate control solutions for buses, trains, trolleys, and defense applications.
Since 1988, they have provided climate control solutions for OEM commercial vehicles, refrigerated transport and other automotive applications. As the company grew, their R&D department assembled one the most comprehensive testing facilities in Turkey and one of the biggest testing cabins in Europe. Safkar continued to invest in design and testing capabilities and in the early 2000s, began turning their attention to the growing demand in railway systems. At the time, this need was being met by foreign companies. Safkar entered the sector by producing climate systems for passenger coaches and locomotives for railcar manufacturers like Tüvasaş and Tülomsaş. With the increasing importance of railway systems in Turkey in years that followed, municipalities began expanding the use of light rail. Recognizing the opportunity, Safkar once again applied their considerable R&D capabilities and began manufacturing systems for this market.
Current products include everything from passenger air conditioning units for tramways, passenger coaches, metro and LRV vehicles. Also driver cabin air conditioning units for light railways systems vehicles, locomotives and railway construction equipment. With its extensive service network and competence in after-sales technical services, SAFKAR is a preferred brand by national and global vehicle manufacturers.
With deep experience in this sector, Safkar aims to capitalize on their investment by continuing to serve the domestic market, and expand their global position. Besides passenger coach, metro, cabin and tramway air conditioning units, EMU and DMU air conditioning unit designs have been completed and are in the prototype stage. High-speed train air conditioning design studies will take place in future.
Safkar manufactures units that are approved in its accredited test laboratories according to international standards. To reduce maintenance and repair costs during life span (approximately 30 years) of railway systems, Safkar performs RAMS and LCC analysis based on tests during design and its suppliers experiences. Furthermore, higher COP values are aimed to acquire maximum energy efficiency in the design stages.
Because of the unique challenges in mobile refrigeration, the compressors used need to be tough, reliable, and efficient. With a wide range of models and proven designs, Frascold compressors are an ideal choice for this application. Over the last several years, Safkar has delivered a number of exciting systems featuring Frascold compressors.
Here are some of the highlights:
- Izmir Tram Project (2015-2016), built by Hyundai Rotem/EURotem: 38 sets of HVAC produced and delivered in 2015-2016. Total 76 pcs Saloon and 76 pcs Passenger HVAC used in that project. Total 152 pcs Frascold compressors.
- Antalya Tram Project (2016), built by Hyundai Rotem/EURotem: 18 sets of HVAC produced and delivered in 2016. Total 36 pcs Saloon and 36 pcs Passenger HVAC used in that project. Total 72 pcs Frascold compressors.
- Kocaeli Tram Project (2016-2017), built by Durmazlar Machine: 12 sets of HVAC produced and delivered in 2016-2017. Total 24 pcs Saloon and 24 pcs Passenger HVAC used in that project. Total 48 pcs Frascold compressors.
- Samsun Tram Project (2016-2017), built by Durmazlar Machine: 8 sets of HVAC produced and delivered in 2016 to 2017. Total 16 pcs Saloon and 16 pcs Passenger HVAC used in that project. Total 32 pcs Frascold compressors.

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