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Cutting edge R744 supermarket system up and running
Cutting edge R744 supermarket system up and running
As demand for environmentally conscious refrigeration grows, customers need a compressor manufacturer with vision and unparalleled technical expertise.
While R744 has emerged as a promising alternative refrigerant, the high pressures involved present some significant technical challenges.

When ADM, Alfa Projekt and Rivacold got together to collaborate on a cutting-edge R744 system for a 1500 Sqm supermarket, they knew they would need a compressor manufacturer they could count on. This was going to be a complex transcritical system with multiple compression stages providing air conditioning and heat recovery. Since this unit would be running 24 hours a day in a residential area, it had to be quiet, efficient and reliable.

In the end, Frascold was chosen to provide the heart of this system. With a wide range of subcritical and transcritical R744 compressors, and over eighty years of manufacturing experience, Frascold was uniquely suited for this project.

The completed unit is a R744 transcritical booster system with parallel compression including air conditioning and heat recovery providing:
• Refrigeration capacity of 90 kW at Medium temperature (-8°C) • Refrigeration capacity of 18 kW at Low Temperature (-35°C)

The design called for a total of ten compressors representing three pressure stages:
• Medium Temperature: Three Frascold S20-12TK compressors, operating at -8 °C, one being driven by Variable Frequency Drive. This is for the supermarket display cabinets holding around 0°C.
• Low Temperature: Three Frascold A1.5-3SK3 compressors, operating at a high standstill pressure of 80bar and -35°C. One of these is also driven by VFD. This provides cooling for the frozen foods showcase.
• Parallel compression: Four S20-12TK compressors dedicated to air conditioning and flash gas.

Since rolling out on 1st of August, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Technicians from both the design company and ADM, who installed the system, report the compressors running extremely smooth and with very little noise. Being a retail space, noise level is as important as cooling performance.

The success of projects of this type points to a future of cleaner, more environmentally conscious refrigeration.
Frascold is committed to this goal and we continue to lead the way with a growing line of quiet, efficient and reliable compressors.
We continuously refine our products and manufacturing techniques to be as efficient as possible while providing the highest performance available.

Case Studies - 09/10/2017

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