16/01/2018 -

Frascold, a partner in knowledge

Founded in 1863, the Politecnico di Milano and is one of the world’s leading universities for engineering, technology and design. With some 42,000 students, it is also the largest technical university in Italy. In addition to it’s academic programs, the Politecnico also has a long history of involvement in European and international scientific research.
National and European research “manifesto/bids”, issued to encourage the study of new technologies in the cold industry, have led to exciting collaborations between various Italian universities and industry stakeholders. With over 80 years in the refrigeration industry, Frascold is an ideal partner company for these projects.

At the Politecnico’s Department of Energy, a special refrigeration system has just been started with the aim of testing HFO refrigerants in compliance with the F-Gas Directive.
Conceived by the research manager, Engineer Luca Molinaroli and his working group, this project was jointly developed with various HVAC/R companies, including Frascold.
Using the performance of R134a as a benchmark, the test plant has begun measuring all of the other refrigerants scheduled in the F-Gas program. These include the classic R1234ze and R1234zy, and the new hydroflouroolefins (HFOs).

(photo: eng. Luca Molinaroli with eng. Marco Perri Frascold R&D manager)

Eng. Molinaroli has given a positive review of both the results obtained and the plant’s overall performance. Data generated from actual testing has matched up precisely with calculations from the Frascold FSS3 selection software. This is a comfort for Molinaroli as the text rig was sized starting with the selection of the compressor.
The compressor chosen is a Frascold semi-hermetic two-cylinder (D3-13.1YVS) modulated by built-in VFD.
Plant operators were pleasantly surprised by the silence and absence of vibrations throughout the whole frequency range (30Hz - 87Hz).

Frascold would like to thank the Politecnico di Milano, Engineer Molinaroli and his working group for having involved us in this project. Frascold feels that the exchange of knowledge through these kinds of collaborations is important for mutual growth, and serves the industry as a whole.

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