Frascold USA, Inc

Frascold is pleased to announce the opening of our subsidiary company in the US – Frascold USA, Inc. Frascold USA will directly support both the US and Canadian markets on behalf of Frascold.

Frascold’s full line of superior products, along with our nearly 80 year history and experience as a compressor manufacturer, have positioned us for success in the US and Canadian markets.

In the last 2 decades Frascold has grown to be the second largest manufacturer of semi-hermetic compressors in Europe and the third largest in the world with a strong presence in multiple countries and markets. Over the next 3-5 years, Frascold will invest heavily in the North American market in order to grow our presence and brand recognition. Multiple inventory locations throughout the US and Canada will support customers with compressors and spare parts while both customer and engineering support will be available within the US from a staff of seasoned technicians and engineers as well as a highly qualified sales team. This will enable us to provide quick delivery of product as well as customer support.

Frascold USA’s head office will be located in Seattle, WA and Kristian Ellefsen has been appointed as CEO. Mr. Ellefsen brings the experience, passion and dedication necessary to make Frascold USA successful and strong. After working in the industrial refrigeration sector for close to a decade and serving as President of Teknotherm Refrigeration, Mr. Ellefsen will now be focusing his energy and time on growing Frascold USA and ensuring that our customers experience the best products and services. More offices through the USA will follow soon.

Our conviction runs deep regarding the need for an alternate compressor manufacturer in the US and Canadian markets and Frascold is just that, an extremely viable alternative with an outstanding portfolio of compressors.

Frascold boasts a complete line of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with electric motors from 0.5 HP to 80 HP. Our semi-hermetic reciprocating line is also available for applications with hydrocarbon refrigerants such as propane and propylene and HFO’s. Frascold also has one of the most complete lines of semi-hermetic compressors for trans-critical and sub-critical CO2 compressors.

In addition to our semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, Frascold also has in impressive line of semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, compact screw compressor (also available with built-in VFD), open drive screw compressors and a brand new line of open drive reciprocating compressors.

We look forward to this new journey and hope that we can serve you and your compressor needs in the near future.

Any questions or inquiries may be directed to Kristian Ellefsen – kristian@frascoldusa.com (855) 547-5600
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