New semihermetic DOUBLE STAGE compressors

Compact Efficient Exclusive
Improvement of the system's COP
Liquid injection perfectly calibrated in quantity and durability due to the positioning of the bulb on the second stage head
Maximization of COP
Instantaneous mixing of the first stage gas with liquid injection
High accuracy of the suction temperature in the second stage
Gas doesn't pass from motor so it's not overheated obtaining the performance maximization
Thanks to the MOTOR COOLING SYSTEM only a defined liquid quantity cools the motor

Motor protection with MOTOR COOLING SYSTEM module and AMS sensors
Avoids ice formation on the motor side:
No oxidation
No condensation in the electrical box avoiding short circuit risk
Avoided the liquid slugging risk

WITHOUT EXTERNAL PIPEWORK thanks to design of specific internal passages and new heads
Eliminated the thermal dissipation of the external pipework insulation
Eliminated the refrigerant leakage risk from the collector welding

Finely balanced components and construction ensure quiet and smooth operation
New components studied for pulsations reduction
Development and production Made in Italy
100% tested
Manufactured with high quality components
Oil receiver also dimensioned for marine applications
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