From April 2015 all CX series compressors of frame size 9 will be produced with significant changes; the product will become more interesting and flexible for all customers.

Axial suction
For the whole frame size 9, in all versions, Frascold will introduce the axial suction.

An innovation that satisfies customers’ need of minimizing the suction pressure drops enhancing the performances of their system.

Another immediate advantage is the consequent easy and quick pipe connection, especially when compressor is mounted above the shell and tube evaporator. The related savings in terms of time and labor will be certainly appreciated.

The axial suction on motor flange will be supplied as standard for all CX compressors of frame size 9 with displacements greater than 912 m3/h (at 50Hz).

The axial suction is also available, as an option, for the whole compressors of frame size 9 with smaller displacements.

Due to this improvement a suction shut-off valve can be also required, as optional accessory, for the whole frame size 9; it will be placed directly on the suction flange. An option thought for all customers that want to intercept the compressor (for example to do maintenance).

For further details look at next pages or contact our back-office.

New stepless capacity control system
An innovation on stapless capacity control system that allows immediate benefits in terms of temperature and reliability. For further details refer to the technical bulletin FBUL-0041 available on our web site.

Dimensional change
Frascold informs also that due to production needs caused by the introduction of two new bigger displacements, the oil separator will be dimensionally modified for the whole compressors of frame size 9.
Please see below the new dimensional drawings.
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