Techno Visual Training Program In Frascold India

In order to educate customer’s technicians on our product, Frascold India has conducted “Techno ,Visual Training Program” at our Ahmedabad facility, which includes Basic refrigeration, Compressor ,features and selection, Assemblyinstallation and commissioning process of condensing units, Compressor service instruction with live demonstration. From our past experience in Indian market, we realized the need of training Technicians, who are ,installing system at site; to prevent compressor failures.
Just giving training to senior managers and ,engineers will not serve the purpose as the inputs don’t reach Technician level. Our experience also ,says, this type of close room training to senior executives will not, yield any result in preventing failures.

The Highlight of the programme was Technicians were made realize why compressor fails and how to eliminate it with the help of fusion module of Audio Visual and Practical session.
In India, around 50% compressor fails due to power supply issue and 50% due to improper application/installation. Out of 50% mechanical failure, 90% is due to Liquid hammering because of improper LP setting and unaware of Superheat and Sub cooling.
To realize the fact, we have asked technicians/mechanic to set the Pressure in Low Pressure Switch (KP 15 of Danfoss) with Differential and found that no one could pass the practical test. All are working in the field for long years (5 to 20 years). At the end, all were made to understand how the setting will affect compressors.

The programme made them to understand system easily and learn more effectively.
FIPL will organize such programme for Technicians belonging to all OEs in the country and will reduce the failure to great extent to common benefit.
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