For HFC / HFO blends / HCFC refrigerants
CXHP series for applications in parallel
Designed for parallel applications and for systems with flooded evaporators, they require an external oil separator.
They are configured for maximum efficiency with a high compression ratio (typically air-cooled chillers) suitable for use on chillers, air conditioning systems, heat pumps and in industrial applications.
The unique structural features contained in these compressors give them reliability and extraordinary efficiency, still unmatched by similar products, as well as the noise level remains the lowest ever in all application envelope.
The versatility of the range is extended by means of specific versions for adjustment with external inverter.
ATEX versions are available for Zone 2.
CXHP01 serie
CXHP02 serie
CXHP52 serie
CXHP51 serie
CXHP92 serie
CXHP91 serie
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