UL Semi-hermetic compact compressors
UL CXW series - Vi 2.3 / for HFC-HCFC-HFO Blends
■ 26 models with displacement from 199 to 1085 m3/h [50Hz] and nominal power from 50 to 280 HP.
■ Vi = 2,3 optimized for low compression ratio [typically, applications with water condensation]
■ two electric motor sizes [motor 1 and motor 2] to increase the operating range
■ capacity control through a dual type slide valve [step or continuous]
■ high performance efficiency in project [COP/EER] and also seasonal [ESEER/IPLV] conditions.
■ highly efficient three-stage oil separation system
■ Can operate with economizer

All models are characterised by:
- excellent operating comfort
- advanced integrated protection and diagnostics systems
- suitable for operation with HFC, HCFC and HFO blends with low GWP refrigerants
- ease of use and maintenance
- operation with frequency connverter
- wide range of accessories

■ low compression ratio systems
■ air condensation systems
CXW02 serie
CXW01 serie
CXW52 serie
CXW51 serie
CXW92 serie
CXW91 serie
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