4 cylinder compressor with integrated part winding start (PWS) electric motor and ptc probes connected to the protection system
Designed and manufactured in compliance with the safety requirements of the 2014/34/EU ATEX directive. Suitable for use in environments with possible random presence of flammable gases in the atmosphere,
Available in three different versions
AXH for operation with hydrocarbons [R290, R1270, R600, etc.].
PAG lubricating oil charge
AXY for operation with HFC, HCFC, HFO refrigerants.
POE lubricating oil charge
AXE ECOinside build optimized for operation with R134a and HFO [R1234ze,R1234yf, etc.] refrigerants
POE type oil charge
•PWS (Y/YY) = 50Hz/380-420V/3Ph (60Hz/440-480V/3Ph)
•DOL (YY) = 50Hz/380-420V/3Ph (60Hz/440-480V/3Ph)
- electronic control module for monitoring, protection, diagnostics and communication
- suction and discharge valves
- Electrical connections box
- POE32 oil load
- Oil sight glass
- Rubber dampers kit
- Nitrogen charge (2bar min)
- Packaging for transport, handling and storage
- Electric motors for other voltage supply
- Electric oil heater
- Discharge temperature sensor
- Head cooling fan
- US unloader start head
- head with RSH system for capacity control
- head with RSH system for capacity control
- oil level electronic regulator
Cylinders 4 # 4 #
Displacement @ 50 Hz 56 m3/h [50Hz] 1,977.92 CFH [50Hz]
Displacement @ 60 Hz 67.2 m3/h [60Hz] 2,373.50 CFH [60Hz]
Motor version [1] 2 2
Nominal Motor power 11 kW 11 kW
Motor voltage at 50 Hz [2] 380-420V/3/50Hz PWS V/ph/Hz 380-420V/3/50Hz PWS V/ph/Hz
Motor voltage at 60 Hz [2] 440-480V/3/60Hz PWS V/ph/Hz 440-480V/3/60Hz PWS V/ph/Hz
PWS partition 50-50 50-50
Bridges for DOL start Standard Standard
Capacity control: CC + RSH 100%-75%-50%-25% % 100%-75%-50%-25% %
MRA, max operating current at 400V/50Hz and 460V/60Hz 26.6 A 26.6 A
LRA, max starting current at 400V/50Hz and 460V/60Hz, PWS motor 74.8 A 74.8 A
LRA, max starting current at 400V/50Hz and 460V/60Hz, DOL motor or PWS motor-DOL connection 117.1 A 117.1 A
Max power consumption 14.1 kW 14.1 kW
Frequency min 25 Hz 25 Hz
Frequency max [3] 87 Hz 87 Hz
Control and protection device INT69® Diagnose INT69® Diagnose
Electric terminal box class protection IP56 IP56
Maximum pressure HP 30 bar 435.0 psi
Maximum pressure LP 20.5 bar 297.3 psi
Oil type [4] PAG68 PAG68
Oil charge (3/4 of sight glass) 2.9 l 98.06 fl oz
Lubrication type Centrifugal Centrifugal
Net weight 130 kg 286.60 lb
Max Length 550 mm 21.67 inch
Max Width 405 mm 15.96 inch
Max Height 405 mm 15.96 inch
Rubber mounts diameter [2] 50 mm 1.97 inch
Rubber mounts height 50 mm 1.97 inch
Rubber mounts shore 55 sh 55 sh
Compressor body material Cast Iron Cast Iron
[1] Motor version: 1 = high and mid temp. all refrigerants; 2 = low and mid temp. all refrigerants; 3 = ECOinside, low temp. R134a, R1234ze, R1234yf only
[2] Other motor voltage available on request
[3] Maximum frequency depends on the working condition: see FSS3 (Frascold selection software)
[4] Different kind of oil available on request
List of available accessories
Accessory Accessory code
Oil heater (230V-70W) T00CH1-RIC
CC capacity control head 230V AC T00SK220100
US unloader start head 230V AC T00SK250100
Electronic oil level switch (230V) T00WK252
Electronic oil level regulator - INT280 Diagnose 230V AC T00EC1900
Head cooling fan - 230-400V/3/50-60Hz SZ-FM2S
Kit adapters for oil equalization line - 1" ROT 5/8" ODS T00SK170200
Kit adapters for oil equalization line - 1"1/4 ROT 1"1/8 ODS T00SK170300
Discharge temperature sensor T00EC50D
Abbreviation Technical data SI IP
SV Suction valve (SV) - -
DV Discharge valve (DV) - -
A Length (A) 550 mm 21.67 inch
B Width (B) 405 mm 15.96 inch
C Height (C) 405 mm 15.96 inch
D Base mounting (D) 292 mm 11.50 inch
E Base mounting (E) 266 mm 10.48 inch
F Suction valve (F) 147 mm 5.79 inch
G Suction valve (G) 115 mm 4.53 inch
H Suction valve (H) 61 mm 2.40 inch
L Discharge valve (L) 133 mm 5.24 inch
M Discharge valve (M) 298 mm 11.74 inch
N Discharge valve (N) 23 mm 0.91 inch
1 High pressure plug (1) 1/8" NPT 1/8" NPT
2 Low pressure plug (2) 1/8" NPT 1/8" NPT
3 Oil charge plug (3) 1/4" GAS 1/4" GAS
4 Oil level sight glass (4) - -
6 Oil drain plug (6) M10 x 30 M10 x 30
7 Liquid injection valve plug (7) 1/4" NPT 1/4" NPT
8 Liquid injection sensor plug (8) 1/8" NPT 1/8" NPT
12 Oil return plug (12) 1/4" NPT 1/4" NPT
14 Max. discharge temperature sensor (14) 1/8" NPT 1/8" NPT
16 Crankcase pressure plug (16) 1/4" NPT 1/4" NPT
NP Name Plate (NP) - -
Not used (5)
Crankcase heater (13)
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