Reciprocating compressors
Frascold designs and manufactured a modern and complete range of reciprocating compressors, semi-hermetic and open, to be used with all HFC, HCFC, HFO, CO2, HC, NH3 refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The considerable experience collected during the years allows us to provide next generation products, in line with the latest market requests.
Additional equipment and devices are available to satisfy the peculiar requirements of applications all over the world, always focusing on energy saving and respect for the environment.
Moreover, all the directives concerning quality and manufacture issued by the relevant authorities are to be followed faithfully.
For HFC/HFO/HCFC refrigerants
Wide range of models with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cylinders, displacement from 4 to 239 m3/h [50Hz] and nominal power from 0.5 to 80 HP.

The compressors can be used for a vast range of applications, in single, multi-compressor and cascade systems; the whole range can operate with an inverter. Appropriate for traditional HFC, HCFC based refrigerants and new HFO low-GWP refrigerants; Natural refrigerants.

This range is characterised by high efficiency and, the consequent saving in operating expenses. The project also guarantees sturdiness, low noise levels and small devices. The adopted protection systems are state of the art and a long list of accessories further enhances their versatility .

The range includes also ECOinside compressors streamlined for use with R134a and R1234ze refrigerants.
ATEX Compressors; with integrated inverter; For CO2 applications in subcritical and transcritical cycle; Two-stage models; Twin Builds.
The performance of the majority of models is ASERCOM-certified, while the whole range is UL certified. Other certifications are also available upon request.
For R410a refrigerant
Series H2Y compressors
■ 9 models with 2 and 4 cylinders, displacement from 4 to 33.25 m3/h [50Hz] and nominal power from 1.5 to 20 HP. Structure and components are designed to operate safely also in the presence of the higher loads that characterise the R410A refrigerant

■ Maximum allowed pressure on the compression side 42bar.
■ Maximum allowed pressure on the suction side 25bar
■ Can be used with an inverter
■ Charged with POE oil
Series list:
For CO2
Compressors SK series for subcritical applications
■ 13 models with 2 and 4 cylinders, displacement from 1.7 to 33.5 m3/h [50Hz] and nominal power from 0,7 to 20 HP.
■ Maximum condensation temperature 15 °C [51bar]
■ Maximum allowed static operating pressure Pss = 80bar (SK3), 30bar (SK2)
■ Charged with POE oil [PAG oil upon request]
■ For inverter application contact Frascold

■ “Cascade” systems [in combination with R134a / R407F / HFO / Propane / etc.]
■ “Booster” systems

Compressors TK Series for transcritical applications
■ 19 models with 4 cylinders, displacement from 4 to 25.3 m3/h and nominal power from 5 to 30 HP; 8 models are also suitable for heat pump operation.
■ Maximum operating pressure Ps = 140bar
■ Maximum static pressure Pss = 80bar
■ Charged with POE 85 oil [PAG 68 oil upon request]

■ Commercial medium and high-temperature refrigeration systems
■ “Booster” systems
■ “Heat pump” reversible systems
For Hydrocarbons
AXH Series
suitable for hydrocarbon refrigerants [R290, R1270, R600, etc..]. PAG oil charge
■ 76 models with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cylinders, displacement from 4 to 240 m3/h [50Hz]
■ Designed and manufactured in compliance with the safety requirements of the ATEX directive ATEX 2014/34/UE
■ Suitable for use in environments with possible random presence of flammable gases in the atmosphere

Classification shown on the label: ATEX II 3G c IIB T3
II = Group 2 machines,
3G = category 3 [zone 2], explosive atmosphere caused by the presence of gas,
C = type "c" manufacturing safety according to EN13463-5,
IIB = gas of the IIB Group [propane R290, propylene R1270, isobutane R600a, etc],
T3 = maximum temperature below 200°C

Series list:
For NH3
The range includes three models with 6-cylinder and displacement from 146 to 188 m3 / h (50Hz).
The compressors are suitable to be used in a wide range of applications.
The range is characterized by robustness, the compact overall dimensions and high efficiency.
A wide selection of accessories multiplies the versatility.
Series list:
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