Screw compressors
Wide range of twin screw compressor models with displacement from 199 to 1085 m3/h (50Hz) for refrigeration applications, air conditioning, heat pumps.
Appropriate for traditional HFC and HCFC-based refrigerants; new HFO low-GWP refrigerants; Ammnia.
The whole range can operate with inverter.
For HFC / HFO blends / HCFC refrigerants
137 models - Displacement from 199 to 1085 m3/h at 50 Hz - nominal power: 50 ÷ 300Hp.

Appropriate for traditional HFC and HCFC-based refrigerants; new HFO blends low-GWP refrigerants.
Mainly used for AC applications or MT process applications To streamline their efficiency, two different Vi are available and it is also possible to widen the range of operation with enhanced electric motors.

Compressors can also be coupled with an external inverter, and in this case a dedicated execution called "I" is available. There is also special version "P", appropriate for applications with parallel-mounted compressors and/or flooded type evaporators.

These devices operate efficiently, silently and reliably everywhere. Capacity control is obtained through the presence of a slide valve, except in the "I" version. The use of economisers is also envisaged. The sophisticated three-stage oil separation system minimises oil dragging towards the system.

Upon request, the company can provide a wide and complete range of accessories, and the products can be used with special voltage values.
For NH3
16 models - Displacement from 120 to 360 m3/h at 2900 rpm
Built with only three blocks of moving parts, this twin-screw compressor reaches high levels of reliability and efficiency.
Suitable for industrial refrigeration, process systems, A/C applications and heat pumps, they are available with two different Vi to optimize the efficiency. The capacity control is obtained by means of a slide valve.
Much appreciated for its balanced operation and low noise levels both at full load and part load, it is provided with a specific mechanical sealer for use with ammonia.
The compressor can be operated with standard electric motors commercially available; coupling joints are available for direct connection.
Connection kit is available for the economizer.
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