Product Types
FRASCOLD produces the largest and complete range of compressors for applications in refrigeration and air conditioning together with condensing units both with air cooled condenser and water cooled condenser.
Products are manufactured in conformity with Low Voltage Directive CE 93/68 and are provided for incorporation in machines as defined in the Machine's Directive EC 98/79.
UL approved compressors are available on request.
Innovative technology with
RELEASE .1 Compressors
"Release.1" is the newest line of innovative compressors that comes from constant investments in research and development.
Quality, efficiency, safety, reliability distinguishing the standard production, have been further improved with "release.1" project.
"Release.1" means the fully satisfactory response to the more and more strict requirements for energy saving, efficiency and acoustic pollution reduction.
Semi-hermetic compressors
  Two stage semi-hermetic compressors
  Tandem semi-hermetic compressors
  Compact twin screw semi-hermetic compressors
  Twin screw semi-hermetic compressors for remote oil separator
  Air cooled condensing units
  Water cooled condensing units
  Compressor/receiver groups
  CXHO innovative twin screw compressors