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Woolworths' new 2500sqm store with R744 Transcritical system at the Hayfields Mall (South Africa)
In 1931, Woolworths, or Woolies as they are affectionately known, opened their first store in Cape Town. Today they have grown to be the fifth largest retailer in South Africa operating some 217 stores with another 65 elsewhere on the continent. From their small beginning in the old Royal Hotel, Woolworths has grown to be a forward-looking corporate citizen, focused on environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction.

Woolworths has staked out their position on important issues facing the world today including animal welfare, sustainability and climate change. As part of their business strategy, Woolworths has committed to reducing water and energy consumption and embracing new technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. Key among these are recycling, solar energy, high efficiency lighting, and the implementation of R744 refrigeration systems.

When Woolworths began construction of a new 2500sqm store at the Hayfields Mall, they needed an advanced refrigeration system that would live up to their corporate ideals while meeting their stringent cold chain requirements. They turned to long-time partner and commercial refrigeration specialists, Mainstream Refrigeration to design and build a state of the art R744 transcritical booster system with parallel compressors.

At the heart of the new system are five Frascold compressors, all controlled by variable frequency drives for maximum efficiency and flexibility. The energy savings compared have been dramatic, with double the refrigeration capacity using half as many compressors.

Specifications on the system are as follows:
R744 transcritical booster system with parallel compressors providing:
• Refrigeration capacity of 120kW at Medium temperature (-8°C)
• Refrigeration capacity of 10kW at Low Temperature (-35°C)
• Medium Temperature: Two S30-18TK compressors with VFDs operating at -5°C. This is for display cabinets inside supermarket around 0°C.
• Low Temperature: One VFD driven A2.5-5SK2 compressor operating at -30°C which chills the frozen food showcase.
• 2 parallel S20-12TK compressors, also driven by variable frequency drives.

After running for several months now, the system has received rave reviews from the customer who reports smooth running and low carry over. They were especially pleased with the utility of the updated Frascold selection software. This system was the first of several identical units that will be started up in the coming weeks.


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