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Frascold Expands Production and Testing Capabilities
Things are moving quickly at Frascold headquarters in Italy. Our subsidiaries in China, India and the U.S. are growing, and there is increasing global demand for eco-friendly refrigeration solutions. We take our responsibility to the planet seriously, and continue to refine our products and our processes in the pursuit of greater efficiency.

To keep pace with demand, we recently added five state-of-the-art CNC machining stations to our factory floor. We already build and test over 70,000 screw and reciprocating compressors annually at our 53,000 m2 (463,000 sf) facility, but this expansion will allow greater productivity and manufacturing flexibility.

Frascold's reciprocating compressor pressure test line

Additionally, we have expanded our testing capabilities with a new, larger pressure testing line for reciprocating compressors. Quality control is extremely important to us, and every compressor we build is pressure tested and run tested before leaving the factory. This increased testing capacity will help us maintain our high standards and meet demand for our popular 8-cylinder W series compressors.

With today’s changing legislative landscape and evolving customer needs, a manufacturing partner must be flexible, agile and intelligent. We have invested in our ourselves for over 80 years with the best people, products and service in the industry.

Partnering with some of the most innovative companies in the world, Frascold supplies equipment and support for a host of unique applications including low GWP and propane refrigeration, geothermal, energy, process cooling and more.

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