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Frascold opens SHANGHAI office
The Frascold growth process doesn’t stop and after the recent announcement of the opening of the Frascold USA subsidiary, we are delighted to announce the opening of a new company in the Chinese territory.

The international recession in recent years has not spared even the Asian economy; despite this, thanks to the quality and to the wide range products, Frascold did not experience a specific market downturn. Generally, the effects of the crisis on the refrigeration market has been rather marginal; China is experiencing a small revolution in the food storage sector with the introduction of modern facilities in a supply chain that it hasn’t seen before. A trend also recorded in the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sector.
Moreover there will be increased consumption of frozen foods from families in the wider urbanization of food retail leading to an increasing attention to environmental issues increasing the use of natural refrigerants such as CO2 and hydrocarbons.
It is expected in the near future and the coming years a significant market increase of 15-20% is envisaged and Frascold will be there to serve this growth thanks to its structure and to its new and updated product range.

Following a successful history of using traditional distribution networks Frascold SpA has decided to open his own company in China.

This important step will allow customers to access:
• available stock of standard compressors to ensure rapid deliveries to all Chinese customers and also in the Asia Pacific area, from Indo-China to Australia and New Zealand;
• a sales network that covers the whole territory through area managers and local distributors;
• an after-sales service network to promptly and professionally serve every area that needs it with its own workshops for repairs using original components;
• a technical structure able to answer all the customers needs, to involve and introduce new customers to Frascold products and provide all the necessary technical information.

In 2015 Frascold’s objective is to confirm and increase its presence in China and to become the second foreign producer in the market. Frascold also will undertake to disclose with growing emphasis new and updated products with natural GAS.
The next exhibition "China Refrigeration" taking place in Shanghai, in April, will be the first opportunity to present Frascold’s products and to confirm its commitment to the market.

The new company is headed by Mr Ivan Casali, Chief Operating Officer, with his broad experience in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, began in 1988 at Emicon as partner and administrator, a company operating across Europe and Asia.
His experience continued until 2005 as consultant for Italian and Chinese companies in the same market.
Since 2007 Mr Casali managed directly in China Italian companies in refrigeration and air conditioning business that led him to intimately know the business network, the market features and its traditions.
A professional now entirely dedicated to the development of Frascold presence in China.

Any questions or inquiries may be directed to:
Ivan Casali –

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