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FSS3 v1.17 – Update available

The new 1.17 version of Frascold Selection Software (FSS3) is now available. Below the new features of this update.


Included all the new FVR models, a complete series of screw compressors for refrigeration ideal for many uses, including industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, marine and heat pumps applications. Quiet, efficient and reliable, the series is characterized by a compact design and is composed of 37 models, also available with ATEX certification, ranging from 30 to 180 HP and displacements from 120 to 540 m3/h. A broad refrigerant range includes R448A, R449A, R134a, R404A, R507, R407A, R407F and R290. Specifically, the following models have been added:

  • New FVR series of screw compressors for refrigeration, from 200 to 270 m3/h @ 50 Hz.
  • New FVR series of screw compressors for refrigeration, from 370 to 540 m3/h @ 50 Hz.

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