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INT69 TML Diagnose System
The Diagnose technology has been available since January 2014 also on compressors with , Z and W series oil pump. The new INT69 TML Diagnose System considerably improves the compressor protection system and adds new diagnostic and communication functions. An internal storage archive provides a history of the compressor operation. Thanks to a new oil differential pressure switch(INT250FR), the operation of the oil pump, too, is managed directly by the INT69 TML Diagnose System placed inside the compressor electric box. The reliability of Frascold compressors increases again; maintenance staff can diagnose how the compressor has been and is still operating within the refrigerating circuit, in an accurate and simple way. Maintenance times can thus be reduced, generating significant economies in terms of management and downtime. The new INT69 TML Diagnose System can also be used on existing systems, replacing other, traditional systems.

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