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New integrated inverters
Inverter technology, together with reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors, reduces the system's power consumption, stabilises the operating temperatures and improves the reliability of the machines by reducing the start-up cycles. With the new VS series of reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors with integrated iverter, Frascold goes beyond these important technical features and introduces the second generation of User-friendly inverters. The characteristics of this new solution are its easy installation and use,thanks to a completely wired and programmed, ready for installation and use, inverter. The whole programming is stored on a new micro SD card, easily installed, replaced and reconfigured. In case of custom units, the sending of a new, already programmed micro SD cacrd makes any update easy and safe. The inverter is supplied with already programmed standard configurations, appropriate for any type f application. An already installed micro SD card includes a programme for inverter operation with an external controller, of any brand, equipped with an analog output. A second micro SD card is supplied, programmed for operation with a pressure transducer, with the possibility of calibrating the set ppoint directly with the cursor present on the inverter. The inverter calibration is carried out in the Frascold plant and is designed to obtain the maximum benefit from the inberter, while also guaranteeing the complete reliability of teh compressor, so as to provide maximum system efficiency. It is possible to change the basic configuration at any time, with traditional methods, through a cable connection (optional) to a laptop orspecial keypad (optional), according to the instructions set out in the manuals delivered together with the compressors, or provided by phone by the frascold Custonmer Care or Technical Service.

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