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New temperature probe for reciprocating compressors

Frascold always takes care of its Customers and for this reason it is committed every day to offer the best products and services in the refrigeration’s field, developing constant research aimed to guarantee high levels of performance.

Innovative detection devices guarantee a safety and efficiency control systems and for this reason, starting from June 2020, Frascold has decided to replace the current temperature probe of the reciprocating compressors, with the new PTC model produced by Therm-O-Disc.

Monitoring the discharge temperature plays an essential role to control the correct compressors operation during its entire operating life.

Monitoring the discharge temperature allows to prevent exhaust gas overheating and is an excellent alarm for a possible operation outside the correct range of use or malfunction.

The main advantage of the new probe is the great simplicity of assembly, obtained thanks to a metal part that can be easily screwed into the compressor and which can be separated from the cable. In addition, the probe can be connected to the INT69 Diagnose, which allows you to analyze all the alarm history and therefore prepare optimal report and troubleshooting actions.

The main feature of the new probe is the composition of two separate parts, which optimize its use:

  • A metal part (probe) which can be screwed directly to the compressor;
  • A connection cable that, thanks to the pressure insertion in the metal part, makes the operation simple, fast, and safe.

Used on CE, UL and ATEX compressors, the supply methods do not change compared to the past:

  • Standard supply on V, Z and W series compressors,
  • Optional supply for the Q and S series models.
  • The temperature probe is located inside the electrical box with the assembly instructions. Further technical and installation information are available in the FTEC247 technical manual.

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