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RSH - The new and innovative capacity control for Frascold compressors
Frescold recently developed and patented a new mechanical regulation device for reciprocating compressors called RSH, which is now available for all compressors in the D, Q, S and V series. This innovative system doubles the opportunities to stagger the refrigerating capacity through a reduction of the refrigerant flow through the suction door, thus making it possible to obtain, with a 4 cylinder compressor, 3 adjustment steps at 50%-75%100% (with two RSH devices) or 4 adjustment steps at 25%-50%-75%-100% (with one RSH device + one capacity control CC). The application of a RSG head, moreover, makes the Frascold two-cylinder compressors the only ones on the market that allow a 50%-100% regulation of the refrigerating capacity. The benefis of a finer adjustment of the refrigerating capacity translate into energy sabving durinwhile the plant is on, thus ensuring better stability of suction pressure, reduction of power absorption with load partialization and a reduction of the number of starts of the compressor. Power savings increase at the increase of the percentage of use of the system under partialization conditions. Further intrinsic advantages are: - Vibration reduction as against a tditional 50% capacity control - No overheating of mechanical parts - Minimal oil dragging during partialization - More balanced operation - Possibility of opertaing the system in partialization mode without time limits - Reduction of mechanical and electrical stressesconnecting with starting the system - Increased compressor reliability - Ease of installation and management - Possibility of installation on existing systems.

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