Company Profile
  • Our Company
    Frascold is a leading Italian company operating in the development, production and sale of compressors.

    Since 1936, the company has travelled along a path made of transformations and attention to the latest technologies.
    • In all this time, Frascold has been producing compressors for the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, marketing them all over the world for a wide variety of applications.
    • It built its reputation and position in the international markets thanks to its ability for continuous product and technology improvement, and to its constant attention to customer relationships, so as to remain always at the forefront in its field.
    • The company operates through its plants in Legnano and Rescaldina. Nowadays, the Rescaldina plant is dedicated to the manufacture of semi-hermetic compressors that satisfy roughly 25% of the world needs.
    • The brand has a long and consolidated history in Europe and is now successful at a global level, thanks to its proven ability to pursue quality and innovation.
  • Frascold Today
    1980 - 1990
    Industrial growth
    1990 - 2000
    International success
    Celebration of the company's 80th anniversary, with the launch of new ranges of compressors operating with natural refrigerants.
    Frascold is a company that operates globally thanks to its experience, resources, technologies and the great skill of its staff: Frascold has all the right tools to work closely with the customer and react quickly to new market needs, which makes it possible for the company to look at the future with a good dose of optimism.
  • Our Vision
    Our customers
    They should consider us as leading manufacturers and best partners in the field of compressors and refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, in terms of quality, performance and service values.
    Our staff
    They should express their satisfaction, because their job and work conditions offer important opportunities for professional growth and personal gratification.
    The rest of the world
    We are worthy of respect for our responsible behaviour in terms of compliance with the laws of our society and with the traditions of the place and environment in which we operate, as well as for our cordial relationship with the people we meet in the course of our activity.
  • Our mission
    Our mission is to become the preferred supplier of compressors and refrigeration and air conditioning solutions for our customers.
    • In order to do so, we shall promote long-term relationships with our customers, based on the continuous development of innovative and sustainable technological solutions.
    • Quality for us is the fundamental parameter, and we strive to demonstrate its value and to promote its ongoing improvement. We mean quality in all its aspects: quality of products, processes, organisation, work environment, people and business attitude.
    • We share the benefits of our experience of 80 years of operation in this field and the skills we acquired in the field of refrigeration technology with our customers.
    • We operate so that our products and services shall become the first choice of leading multinational corporations in the sector of refrigeration and air conditioning.
    • We develop technologies and infrastructures to guarantee the appropriate time-to-market for all our customers needs.
  • Our values
    Our business approach is determined by corporate responsibility.
    • Our goal is a profitable growth, for us and for our customers.
    • We promote environmental sustainability by planning low-energy consumption products and solutions based on natural refrigerants.
    • We are aware that our employees are our main and best resource. Therefore, we provide them with additional training and create a stimulating work environment that promotes co-operation and mutual trust.
    • We actively use our skills to develop innovative products and perfect existing ones.
    • We adopt less resource-intensive processes, always striving to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.
  • Product applications
    Thanks to our technology, on-field experience and our global presence, we offer products, solutions and services that allow our customers to obtain advantages in terms of performance. energy efficiency and operating comfort.
    • Products
      Semi-hermetic, open, reciprocating and screw compressors. Our range includes 200 different models with refrigeration capacities of up to 1400 kW. Our products are strong, compact and high performance, with very low operating costs as against competing products. We have a perfect project, built with the best technologies to cover the whole range of applications, with both artificial refrigerants , such as HFC and HFO, and natural ones, such as CO2, NH3 and hydrocarbons. All our models implement inverter technology to streamline their operation with a variable speed drive.
    • Services that round off the products offer. We offer our customers a whole range of services designed to guarantee the best performance of the whole line of products, together with training activities and refresher courses on compressor technology.
  • Our market
    Our compressors are used in various areas of the refrigeration and air conditioning fields, impacting the daily life of a lot of people.
    • Commercial refrigeration / Transport Specialised enterprises all over the world use Frascold compressors in their systems, thanks to their usefulness in streamlining consumptions.
    • Supermarkets and commercial areas / Logistics The design and manufacturing criteria of our products are consistent with the refrigeration technologies required by these sectors.
    • Industrial refrigeration /Precision processes. Thanks to their strength, Frascold compressors maintain high performance levels in the most diverse operating conditions, operate for long periods of time with no problems and a minimum of maintenance.
    • Climatization and comfort. Our company offers over 60 different models for air conditioning applications in large industrial and public areas, to provide and maintain a comfortable environment. There are specific lines of models that are specifically thought for railway applications.
  • Research & development/the technologies
    We sell our products internationally, constantly consolidating and expanding our market share.
    • Today we sell our products through over 140 partners in 60 countries of the world, always guaranteeing a highly professional customer service.
    • In all markets and in all market segments we strive to achieve a market share that leads us to be considered a market leader.
    • Our strategy in the medium period is to concentrate mainly on markets with a high potential for growth, but, at the same time, we try to maintain and, if possible, improve, our position in consolidated markets.
  • Our production plants
    Continuous improvement for highest production quality.
    • We manufacture our products with the highest standards of industrial efficiency, through CNC machines, mechanised robot assembly lines, and automatic measuring and testing devices. The supervision of skilled technicians guarantees the highest quality standards are complied with.
    • The plant is organised by functional areas, to carry our all the activities involved in the manufacture, sale and service of our products.
    • In the last five years our technology investments have been aimed at improving our production capacity, the already high quality of our products and their flexibility of construction.
  • Our quality policy
    Frascold undertakes to be a company that provides superior products and quality services that satisfy or even exceed customers' expectations.
    • Our goal is the continuous improvement of our processes. We are determined to identify and understand customers' and market priorities , and to supply products and services that satisfy them.
    • We create a work environment in which all our employees understand, respect and practice the culture of quality of our enterprise.
    • We therefore provide the necessary resources to ensure that our quality system has the appropriate skills to achieve the stated goals of our company.
    • We develop technologies and infrastructures to guarantee the appropriate time-to-market for all our customers needs.
    • We comply with the strictest international quality standards, both mandatory and voluntary.
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