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Our history
1936 - 2016: Over the past 80 years, Frascold pioneered the development of compressors technology for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps applications, offering proven reliability and efficiency at different operating temperatures, allowing the containment of CO2 emissions and the cost reduction of the system.
Frascold has built its reputation and success on the international markets thanks to its high ability to constantly improve products and technologies, while enhancing relationships with customers in order to always remain at the top of its sector.
The Frascold brand, a long-time consolidated in Europe, today collects successes around the world for its proven ability to pursue quality and innovation.
Technical leadership
Frascold for years pursued a strategy aimed to create a value for its customers. This process, supported by a significant investment in the research of innovative solutions, has allowed us to gain over the years a "know-how" and experience that has made our compressors most reliable, high performing, compact and quiet.

In Frascold, the innovation of its products and the development of technical solutions, is continuously fed by a precise analysis of customer needs and market demands. This innovation process also takes advantage by the experience of strategic suppliers and support from selected business partners.
Thanks to this technological leadership built over the years, Frascold is now able to successfully meet the demands of industry innovation HVAC / R to reduce the environmental impact of installations and improving their energy efficiency. Moreover, the constant innovation has led to the introduction of electronic components on board of the compressor that improves the control and protection, thanks also to the diagnostic functions that signal abnormalities of incorrect operation.
Product range
Frascold offers a full range of compressors able to cover a variety of applications in the areas such as Commercial and Industrial refrigeration, Mobile refrigeration, Air conditioning, Heat pump.
Over the years, different product ranges have been developed and enlarged to meet the requirements dictated from the evolution of the market, both at application level and at normative level. The current product portfolio is undoubtedly one of the widest on the market.

Frascold compressors distinguish themselves, in addition to higher efficiency and quietness compared to market standards, also for several and unique innovative solutions.
With the current range of compressors, Frascold can meet various needs and is ready to deal with new challenges of the market, by offering dedicated solutions for: Natural Refrigerants (CO2, NH3, hydrocarbons).
HFO Refrigerants.
New refrigerant mixtures and "low GWP".

Constantly Frascold is engaged in developing products and technical solutions for the near future, in collaboration with the main players in the refrigeration market.
Frascold is an ancient Italian tradition company that looks to the future through the quality of what it produces, by using the most modern technology.
We believe in the statement that quality is a constant effort that everyone must undertake in order to meet the needs of our customers.
Over the years we have created a culture of quality at all levels, thanks to which, we can look to the future with confidence and awareness of our knowledge.
We developed and implemented our factory control programs, and we relied on tools and equipment with the best technology to monitor and improve our products.
We believe that everything that is measurable is improvable, and keeping this in mind, we have created an extensive collecting data system which allows to test every single compressor we produce.
Manufacturing system
Frascold, by means of the best production technology, can manage and deliver into its customers hands the best Italian Quality products.
The factory includes production systems and tooling machines that allow our highly qualified employees, to monitor the quality level of the products, and by using the best equipment on the market, to meet the quality standards.
The production of the components used on the compressors, is made on dedicated systems capable to meet the expected volumes, ensuring the characteristics required and the quality standard of machining.
Every single process is constantly monitored and implemented to ensure efficiency and meet the expectations of our customers.
We select the raw materials and the best components on the market to facilitate the machining and assembly, in order to avoid waste and make lean the processes.
Frascold constantly monitors the safety of products for our customers. All compressors meet safety standards through stringent operational tests and destructive tests. With the same care, we guarantee the safety of our employees and the environment.
Human capital
Human capital is the key factor in the success of our enterprise. The value and professionalism of the people working in Frascold are our future and the first competitive advantage. That’s why Frascold invests in personal and professional growth with the goal of enhancing individual potentials and build the right technical and managerial skills.

We believe that the leadership does not belong only to the people who lead a team. When a company wants to deal with an increasingly complex and competitive market and wants to achieve challenging goals, the Leadership, understood as an ongoing project for improvement and growth, must belong to all of the people who are part of the company.
Research and innovation capability
Research and innovation capability are the base the job of R&D engineers team in Frascold. The continuous dialogue with our customers, the input coming from marketing and the experience, are the main factors that enable to constantly create new solutions.
The international patents made by Frascold and applied on our compressors are the results of the goodness of the work we performed.
This process, in which each step is developed internally, allows to study also customized and dedicated solutions, in direct contact with the customer, informed step by step, from the design phase to the laboratory tests.
Our certified laboratory is a modern rehearsal room, consisting of seven complete calorimeters and several test benches. With these tools the compressors are checked for performance and the single components undergo to their individual tests.
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