Basic configuration, including: compressor, air-cooled condenser, fan motors, liquid receiver with shut-off valve, compressor discharge line and base frame.
The basic configuration is also including: oil separator (supplied without oil charge), the liquid line (filter drier, liquid sight glass and shut-off valve), high and low pressure switch (PED certified, Cat. IV), electrical wiring box.

Semi-hermetic compressor with integrated direct start (DOL) electric motor
220-240 V Δ / 380-420 V / 3 / 50 Hz // 265-290 V Δ / 440-480 V / 3 / 60 Hz
PTC/AMS sensors; INT69 protection device
POE oil filling; suction and discharge valves; rubber mounts
Liquid receiver (PED certified) with large volume, brazing rotalock valve, safety valve (30 bar set-point)
Vibration absorber pipe on compressor discharge line
AC Fans motor
- Discharge temperature control sensor
- Fan motor speed regulation device for single phase fans only
- Solenoid valve
- Check-valve for compressor discharge line
- Protecting Housing for outdoor installation
Series family LBT2-Q LBT2-Q
Compressor Q5-33Y Q5-33Y
Displacement @ 50 Hz 32.66 m3/h [50Hz] 1 CFH [50Hz]
Oil charge 1.6 l 54.10 fl oz
Motor version 2 2
Motor voltage at 50 Hz 220-240V - 360-420V/3/50Hz DOL V/ph/Hz 220-240V - 360-420V/3/50Hz DOL V/ph/Hz
MRA, max operating current at 400V/50Hz and 460V/60Hz 14.4 A 14.4 A
Condenser volume 6.5 l 219.79 fl oz
Number of fan 2 2
Fan motor power supply at 50 Hz (other on request) 400Y (230)/3/50 V/ph/Hz 400Y (230)/3/50 V/ph/Hz
Power for one fan at 50 Hz 750 W 750 W
Current for one fan 1.75 (3.0) 1.75 (3.0)
Air flow to condenser at 50 Hz 8010 m3/h [50Hz] 282,913.20 CFH [50Hz]
Receiver volume 6.6 l 223.17 fl oz
Suction line connection 35.0 mm - 1-3/8 inch 35.0 mm - 1-3/8 inch
Liquid line connection 19.0 mm - 3/4 inch 19.0 mm - 3/4 inch
Total length (with housing) 1556 mm 61.31 inch
Total width (with housing) 884 mm 34.83 inch
Total height (with housing) 888 mm 34.99 inch
Housing weight 57 kg 125.66 lb
List of available accessories
Accessory Accessory code
HP/LP pressure switch automatic reset Package
Liquid line with filter drier, sight glass and shut off valve Package
IP56 box for terminals entry (not connected) Package
Oil separator factory assembled and mechanically connected Package
Speed control for fan motors Solo ventole monofase
Check valve Fornito non assemblato
Accessories Carenatura
Abbreviation Technical data SI IP
S Safety valve 1/4 NPT 1/4 NPT
A Length (A) 1556 mm 61.31 inch
B Width (B) 860 mm 33.88 inch
C Height (C) 867 mm 34.16 inch
D Condenser length (D) 1504 mm 59.26 inch
E Condenser height (E) 813 mm 32.03 inch
F Base mounting (F) 700 mm 27.58 inch
G Base mounting (G) 80 mm 3.15 inch
Net weight Package - 220 kg Package - 220 kg
Data sheets
Previous documentation (consultation only)
Installation and start up instructions
Conformity declarations and certifications
Technical and usage information
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