Screw compressors for refrigeration

Product Line Overview
Wide range of twin screw compressor models with displacement from 115 to 538 m3/h (50Hz) for refrigeration applications, air conditioning, heat pumps.
Appropriate for traditional HFC and HCFC-based refrigerants, HFO blands and Hydrocarbons.
The whole range can operate with inverter.

• Easy installation and accessibility
• Wide operational field
• For HFC, HFO blends and Hydrocarbon refrigerants
• High specific and seasonal efficiency
• Low noise in all working conditions
• Built-in electronic protection system
• Step capacity control and unloaded start
• All models compatible with VFD
• Connection for economizer circuit
• Wide selection of accessories
• 2-year standard warranty

For standard refrigerants
Wide range of models with displacement from 115 to 538 m3/h (50 Hz) and nominal power from 30 to 180 Hp.
All compressors can use all standard refrigerants like HFC, HCFC based refrigerants and HFO blends, and they are mainly used for LT or MT process applications but also for AC systems.
Electronic protection system is built into every compressor or Diagnose technology as optional.
Efficient, not noisy and reliable. The maximum efficiency is obtained with two different Vi (compression ratio) and it is possible to extend the operating field with oversized electric motors.
Step capacity control, step, done by means of a slide valve, and use of economizers allowed with the optional connection kit.
All compressors can run with external VFD.
A large selection of accessories brings additional flexibility and all models.
  • Models: 38
  • Displacement: 120 - 538 m3/h
  • Motor Power: 30 - 180 HP
RSH - Patented Capacity Control

Frascold's patented Reduced SuctionHead technology allows our reciprocating compressors to run unloaded indefinitely. Unlike standard capacity control, RSH capacity lets the compressor run without overheating while energized. This revolutionary feature provides application flexibility while reducing heat, vibration and damage from unloading stress.

  • 2,4,6 and 8 Cylinders
  • Reduced wear and vibration
  • Run unloaded indefinitely
  • Efficient & reliable unloading
  • Frascold exclusive solution
  • Retrofit existing compressors
  • Selection Software
    Selection Software

    Our advanced FSS.3 selection software helps you accurately choose the right compressor combination for your application. Refine your results with the Check Calculation feature to maximize system performance.

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