New electrical connection

Standard Reciprocating A-B-D-Q Compressors Series

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Frascold - Reciprocating compressors

Frascold presents features and advantages of the new electrical connection plate.

In order to continuously innovate and improve efficiency of our solutions, we have decided to introduce a new electrical connection plate for our Standard Reciprocating compressors of A, B, D, and Q series.

The main features of the new electrical connection plate are:

  • The pin diameter is the same of actual connection plate;
  • The new plate with M4 pin thread (same dimension of the previous version) allows direct connection of the power supply;
  • Distance between pins is enough to grant proper insulation, which has been successfully tested in our laboratory:
    • Insulation phase to ground (500 Volt, 1 sec,> 10 MΩ)
    • Dielectric strength (2xVn + 1000V, 1 min, <10mA).
  • The fixed terminal board is replaced with a mobile terminal board to simplify operations of wiring electrical cables.
Frascold reciprocating compressors - New electrical connection

The main advantages of the new solution are:

  • The direct connection to the terminal block allows to avoid 4 junctions for each phase, avoiding the potential failure risk or wrong connection for each of them;
  • Easier to connect auxiliary cables removing the connection bar