FSS3 V1.14

Software update

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FSS3 v1.14 - Update available

The new 1.14 version of Frascold Selection Software (FSS3) is now available.

Here below the new features of this update.



  • Added a link in the start screen to the updates introduced by the current version of the software. Also added the changelog of the latest versions of the software.
  • New connection management with a checkbox. If “Automatic” it chooses the DOL connection for A-Q and PWS connection for S-W. If unchecked, it leaves the connection previously selected unless it is not provided for the chosen compressor.



  • Added 208-230V/3ph/60Hz power supply for S-TK compressors.



  • New series of screw compressors for refrigeration FVR (from 120 to 160 m3/h @ 50 Hz).
  • New water oil cooler management with variable temperatures.
  • Added 380V/3ph/60Hz power supply for CX compressors.



  • Added Asercom certifications for EB-Q units with R448A, R449A and R452A.



  • Added the second medium temperature evaporating level (MT2) in the Seasonal Calculation, with the possibility of setting the minimum activation temperature of this level.
  • “High Pressure Control Strategy” section of the Seasonal Calculation updated: specified the meaning of temperature differences (in “info”) and added the possibility to show/hide the high pressure control parameters (with a checkbox).
  • Added in the Seasonal Calculation the “info” button that explains the calculation of the “Piping Superheating”.
  • Heat Recovery management of the Seasonal Calculation updated for all the available configurations.
  • Added a “warning” message in the Seasonal Calculation results if the frequency of the ECO compressors with VFD has been reduced to not exceed the MRA.