A successful CO₂ partnership

A new system signed Frascold and Crea Spa for a supermarket

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Partnership - Frascold - Crea Spa

The request of low noise, excellent performances and reliability was immediately matched with the choice of Frascold compressors.

A few steps from the Milan Cathedral a new supermarket covering an area of 400 m2 owned by an important Italian chain, has opened its doors to the public.

The chain has long chosen the use of CO2 refrigerant, a natural fluid with excellent thermodynamic properties. Compared to other refrigerants, through the use of CO2 it is possible to realize, with single Rack, integrated systems that can satisfy the thermal and heating loads of the supermarket and the production of hot water throughout the year, in addition to the preservation of refrigerated and frozen products.

The request of low noise, excellent performances and high reliability made by Crea Spa was immediately matched with the choice of Frascold compressors. Crea Spa is one of the main players in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector and, since 2004 produces, installs and provides assistance on refrigeration systems with natural CO2 refrigerant.

For this installation, Crea SpA, thanks to its great experience in creating customized CO2 systems, has been able to design the Rack unit and the entire custom-made system, fitting in the best way the limited space available.

The cooling unit features three different levels of evaporation, and provides cooling load of 20 kW at medium temperature (Evaporation temperature -9 ° C) and 6 kW at low temperature (Evaporation temperature -32 ° C).

Partnership - Frascold - Crea Spa
Partnership - Frascold - Crea Spa
Partnership - Frascold - Crea Spa

The air conditioning load of 39 kW is handled by the use of the third evaporation level (0°C) and a dedicated compression line. An exchanger positioned on the compressor discharge line, recovers some of the heat that would otherwise be dissipated in the gas cooler and guarantees the satisfaction of the required heating load.

A specific feature of the plant is the use of ground water as cooling fluid. This solution maximizes the efficiency of the rack allowing the system to work in a subcritical mode. Further benefits of water gas cooler are low noise level and reduced power consumption.

Thanks to the innovative Frascold FSS3 software dedicated to the selection of transcritical CO2 systems, it has been possible to choose the most suitable compressors for this unique and highly efficient application made by Crea SpA.

Selected compressor models are the following:

  • First Medium Temperature level: three transcritical Frascold Q6-4.5TK compressors, one driven by INVERTER,
  • Low Temperature: two subcritical Frascold A0.7-1.6SK3 compressors, one driven by INVERTER,
  • Second medium level temperature for air conditioning: a transcritical Frascold S10-8TK compressor equipped with INVERTER.

The great success of this installation confirms that Crea Spa and Frascold Spa are key suppliers of innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions.