New Cold Room Calculation Tool

The new digital tool signed by Frascold

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New Cold Room Calculation Tool

A digital tool that provides the right cooling capacity.

Providing expertise has always been the added value for Frascold, whose daily commitment focuses on offering an innovative and qualitative service to the whole refrigeration and air conditioning market.

For this reason, Frascold R&D team has just designed and launched its new Cold Room Calcution Tool, a sophisticated digital tool that provides the right cooling capacity, accordingly to specific storage needs.

In order to improve food preservation, to manage its seasonality and its proper transport, it is essential to have rooms able of creating and maintaining both temperature at a lower degree than surroundings, and an appropriate humidity level. With a cold room application is possible to preserve and make available for sale high qualitative products throughout the year, ensuring a correct transport from the producer to wholesalers and stores and finally to the consumers.

The starting point to achieve these goals arises from the suitable equipment selection, from the appropriate insulating materials to the better compressor choice.

Heat transmission through walls, air infiltration caused by door openings, food cooling and the internal heat generation are just some of the several factors that might influence a cold-room cooling capacity.

This is why Frascold engineers developed a digital tool that manages all factors involved for estimating the correct cooling capacity and keeping food safe.

The Frascold Cold Room Calculation Tool provides an easy way to get quick and accurate results. It is fully integrated in the FSS3 product selector and permits to find the most suitable compressor based on given requirements. Users can automatically select the correct compressor model based on specific operating conditions and cooling capacity. A user-friendly tool with the right answer in few steps.