Frascold ATEX compressors

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Frascold - ATEX Series

The complete range of ATEX certified compressors for a responsible choice.

Safety in the workplace and in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) is a very sensitive issue to which Frascold has always dedicated great attention and awareness.

In 2006, we expanded our product range with the introduction of a complete series of ATEX-certified reciprocating compressors which, a few years later, was flanked by the CX series of rotary screw compressors for air conditioning.

Thanks to continuous investment in Research and Development, we continuously develop innovative solutions to meet the demand of the most complex markets.

The first steps needed to ensure a higher degree of environmental safety and health conditions for all workers are the analysis of the risk of explosion and accurate classification of the areas according to ATEX directives. The latter is a prerequisite for developing safe projects for product and equipment production throughout all the phases: construction, installation and operation.

The European ATEX directive 2014/34/EU sets out the requirements that must be compulsorily met for the construction of protection equipment intended for use in atmospheres considered potentially explosive due to the presence of gas or combustible dust.

Choosing ATEX-certified Frascold compressors gives the customer a number of advantages. In particular, it considerably simplifies risk assessment – as required by law – and ensures high standards of efficiency and reliability both for the product itself and during its operation. The wide range of ATEX-certified models comes in several versions, such as the RSH ATEX Capacity Control Heads version, and also offers tailored solutions for special projects.

Our product ranges are ATEX-certified for the following uses:

  • Category 3: intended for use in Zone 2, that is, an area classified as potentially explosive;
  • G: intended for use also in a potentially explosive area due to the presence of gas.

All ATEX Standard piston compressors are supplied with the most suitable lubricant for their operation and with certified electrical components which always ensure optimal temperature levels. The AXY series is suitable for use with HFO and HFC synthetic refrigerants and is supplied with POE32 lubricant (for models A, B, D, Q, S) and with POE68 lubricant (for models V, Z and W). The AXH series is the best choice for those who are looking for more eco-friendly solutions for their plants and machines. This series is designed and optimised for use with hydrocarbons (e.g. R290) and is supplied with PAG68 lubricant for models A, B, D, Q, S, V and Z. The models of the W series are supplied with special PAG150 lubricant.

The screw compressors of the CX ATEX series are supplied with PAG150 lubricant (designed for use with hydrocarbons, R290 and R600a) or POE170 lubricant (suitable for HFC and HFO refrigerants) only on an on-demand basis, depending on the specific application. The hallmark of all CX ATEX compressors is their efficient, silent and reliable operation. Two different compression ratios (Vi) deliver maximum efficiency and it is possible to extend the operating range further by choosing a more powerful electric motor. A slide valve and a sophisticated triple-action lubricant separation system ensure optimal capacity control – both fixed-step or stepless – and minimise lubricant entrainment.

PAG lubricant, first introduced by Frascold, guarantees high quality and is the result of the constant passion and expertise of the R&D team. The use of PAG lubricant delivers significant advantages such as better miscibility of the refrigerant, suitable to withstand traditional superheating levels.

Continuous investment in technological training and design, carried out thanks to constant dialogue with all the main players on the market, allows Frascold to develop and offer low GWP ATEX solutions, both with natural refrigerants and A2L.

An efficient system, low energy consumption, fast delivery and vibration reduction are the key features that make our ATEX compressors stand out in the global market.