Global presence


“We are a company in continuous evolution”


One of Frascold's main strengths is the investments we make to drive innovation across our company. From greater automation through the adoption of intelligent and sustainable 4.0 solutions to advanced R&D to discover groundbreaking new solutions. Within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we’ve poured ourselves into the smart factory concept to deliver superior quality and shorter lead times. These investments have provided for additional automated machining stations in various departments such as our lathe machining department with an emphasis on Industry 4.0 concepts. Our facilities stand out for cutting-edge features like those in our very own Testing Laboratory, Competence Center, and even within our Customer Service department.

Global presence
4 branches, one mission

After decades as a leader in semi-hermetic screw compressors, Frascold has developed a solid, global network of distributors, service centers, and service partners, as well as have direct technical-commercial offices in both Asia and the U.S. These locations expand our capability for superior service before, during, and especially after every sale is made.


Via Barbara Melzi 103/105
20027 Rescaldina, Milano, Italia

Ph.: +39 0331 742201
Fax: +39 0331 576102

Global presence


Sales Network and Technical Support



Frascold provides maximum efficiency and quality in everything we do with our highly-automated and vertically-integrated production process.


Frascold develops avant-garde solutions that seek to anticipate market needs.


Our people truly are our greatest assets. By bringing the best global talent together under one team and providing the best technology available, our collaborative approach through all project phases capitalizes on our shared strengths. Coupled with direct and immediate support, the Frascold team is relentless in our pursuit of adding value for our clients.

Giuseppe Galli

Giuseppe Galli graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1988 and started his career at Frascold in 1996. Back then, his role was to look at strategic tasks for the development of non-European markets and leading the company to achieve our goals in the Far East and South America. As a result of the successes Giuseppe achieved, in 1999 he was asked to manage manufacturing at Frascold’s Rescaldina facility, in the province of Milan, Italy. There, he pushed automation with the introduction of advanced robotic and automated systems. Giuseppe’s many strategic actions over the years have allowed Frascold to increase its manufacturing capacity and diversify its product offering to better meet the strong demand for high-quality compressors. Since 2003, Giuseppe has been a member of the Frascold Board of Directors and since 2009, has led our team as CEO. In 2016, Giuseppe was honored to be appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Asercom (Association of European refrigeration components manufacturers).

branch frascold china
Frascold Refrigeration Shanghai Co., Ltd,

Room 435, 4th Floor, No. 473 Futexiyi Road, Waigaoqiao

Ph.: +86 021 58650192
Ph.: +86 021 58650180

Fax: +86 021 58650180

warehouse frascold china
Frascold Refrigeration Equipment Taizhou

Block 10, Phase 3 of the Standard Building in the General Free Trade Zone
No. 88, Weichuang road, Taizhou city of Jiangsu province

Ph.: +86 021 58650192
Ph.: +86 021 58650180

Fax: +86 021 58650180

Screw compressors

Screw compressors for high-power refrigeration for our Asian markets.


In China, we maintain a Competence Center that’s solely dedicated to pre-sales consulting and support and after-sales service to provide a value-added experience at every touchpoint.

Prompt delivery

Among the many strengths Frascold’s China branch maintains is quick and efficient logistics to get our compressors to their intended destination that much faster. We maintain a stock of thousands of finished piston and screw compressors to help diminish the risk of downtime for our clients.

CEO Frascold China
Ivan Casali

Since 1987, Ivan Casali has been working in the field of Air Conditioning and Industrial Refrigeration as a Partner and CEO, covering a myriad of unique operational roles. Among some of the most important projects, he led the air conditioning for an extension of the famed Louvre Museum in Paris and the air conditioning for the Radio and Telecommunications Centre at London’s Scotland Yard. In 2007, he began his foray into Asian HVACR markets as he would go on to become CEO and Sales Director at several companies operating in the sector. In 2014, Ivan joined Frascold as a member of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Frascold Shanghai and in 2019, he became a member of the Board of Directors and also CEO of Frascold Taizhou.

Ivan Casali
branch frascold usa
Frascold USA

5343 Bowden Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Ph.: (855) 5475600


UL Certification

We maintain a full range of UL-certified reciprocating and screw compressors.


Our team of professionals working out of our beautiful Jacksonville, Florida office strives to provide excellent service through every stage our clients find themselves in. From expert advice for efficient plant design to after-sales service, we want to be our clients’ compressor company of choice.


With a diverse line-up of Frascold high-quality compressors always in stock, we can guarantee fast delivery to help minimize downtime for our clients.

CEO Frascold USA
Kristian Ellefsen

Kristian Ellefsen has a background in microbiology from the University of Washington and began his professional career working in the medical field for 10 years. Moving into the refrigeration sector, his first position was with a company specializing in industrial refrigeration with a focus on systems for freezing fish. In 2007, he began working with Frascold, and with his keen insights he quickly took over the role of independent distributor for the American territory. This partnership grew over time and, in 2015, he was invited to guide the foundation of Frascold USA. As CEO, Kristian contributes to the continued success of Frascold as a whole, as well as our development as a leader in the North American compressor market.

Kristian Ellefsen
Frascold India

A1/2/14/15, Gallops Industrial Park 
Ahmedabad 382220 Gujarat, India
Ph.: +912717685858 

Local production

Our facilities in India maintain dedicated assembly lines just for condensing units and piston and screw racks to keep up with demand in the Indian and Middle Eastern areas.

Sales Network

Frascold ensures complete commercial coverage of the entire Indian area with an extensive network of Area Managers and representative offices located in main cities.

Technical Support

Frascold India has an entire team of specialized experts to assist our clients locally with pre and post-sales support.

Subhash Agarwal
CEO Frascold India
Subhash A.

Subhash Agarwal holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Marketing Management. He started his career at Fx Multitech Pvt Ltd, a distributor in the HVACR sector, and would reach the position of Promotor Director. By virtue of his experience in the commercial, financial, and sales fields at an international level, he became CEO of Frascold India in 2012 and leads the company by promoting constant growth, both in the country and overseas.

COO Frascold India
Selvaraj R.

Selvaraj Rangaswamy has a background in production engineering and graduated from GPT—the most prestigious university in all of India. He started working at LPM and Schutz Cutarc Pvt Ltd. where, over the course of eight years, he reached a highly-skilled position of Quality Function of Pump and Control Panel Manufacturing. Since 2012, Selvaraj has been a Director within Frascold India Pvt. and COO. His keen leadership is responsible for the compressors business unit and for many value-added solutions, such as the advanced condensing units assembled within our Frascold India facilities.

Selvaraj Rangaswamy
HQ Frascold

Frascold has grown from humble beginnings back in 1936 to now operating around the world and employing more than 200 skilled individuals.

Frascold’s headquarters, is based in the beautiful province of Milan, Italy. Here, we focus on manufacturing semi-hermetic screw and reciprocating compressors, with synthetic and natural refrigerants, as well as condensing units—all made to the very highest quality standards available today.