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Our history



Frascold is an Italian company leader in the development, production and sale of compressors. From 1936 to today, a long journey made of transformations and attention to the most advanced technologies.

Where it all began

Frascold is founded in Milan, Italy, in 1936 by Giuseppe Fraschini, who opens the Officina Costruzioni Meccaniche, offering artisan manufacturing of open compressors.

our history
The post-war revival

As a result of the war and bombardments, which destroyed the city of Milan, Giuseppe Fraschini decides to move the manufacturing site to Legnano. In the post-war period, thanks to a recovery in the market, Officina Costruzioni Meccaniche starts to grow in order to meet customer demand in Lombardy.

Historical compressor
The investments

During the Italian economic boom, the company invests in expanding its product range and in improving product performance, with higher power capacities, moving from 3hp in the early 1950s to 120hp in 1968.

Opportunities of the crisis

In the years marked by the oil crisis, the company takes a forward-looking decision to diversify, leading to the development of the first generation of semi-hermetic compressors. This decade of growth sees Fraschini & Figli become an Italian listed company: Frascold S.p.A., the 3rd biggest company in the world specialising in high-end compressors, with an extremely restricted competitive environment, consisting of only 5 industrial companies at the international level.

The opportunities of the crisis
The growth of automation

The company continues its focus on innovation with significant investments in automation in order to enhance the manufacturing processes to deliver a greater variety of solutions. It consolidates its reputation thanks to the ability to constantly improve products and technologies and to enhance customer service.

The growth of automation
Production expansion

To that end, one of the crucial, determining factors in organisational success is the creation, in 1990, of the new Performance&Certification team in addition to the expansion of the R&D laboratories. Significant investments lead to an extension of the range of semi-hermetic compressors up to 80hp and the introduction of screw models. The positive results achieved cause the company to move to its current manufacturing plant in Rescaldina, in the province of Milan, Italy, in 1999.

Frascold History
Towards sustainability

With the advent of the new millennium, significant and rapid changes follow one another in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors, the strong technological development of which is associated to the drive for sustainability. In these years, Frascold builds on its investments in manufacturing and, as early as 2005, introduces an R&D team focused on developing CO2 solutions. The following year marks the launch of the first line of ATEX reciprocating compressors for HFO and HFC.

Frascold History
Frascold S.p.A.

In recent years, Frascold has followed a path of continuous growth, both in terms of product innovation and in geographic expansion, confirming itself as a point of reference, across the world, in the HVACR sector. The company has always placed the greatest importance on the innovative features, the quality, and the reliability of its compressors, seeing them as a competitive advantage for customers. This explains Frascold’s well-balanced competitive position and full control over the value chain, thanks, in part, to the acquisition in 2015 of Fonderie Palmieri and to a shrewd strategy of internationalisation.

This strategy is implemented through the support of sales organisations in Shanghai in China and in Jacksonville, Florida, in the USA, both of which opened in 2015, and through the facility in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in India which focuses on the assembly of condensing units and which opened in 2014. In addition, in order to always ensure that customers have the very highest standards possible, and to help them achieve a real competitive advantage, Frascold made huge investments between 2020 and 2021 in its Testing Center in order to implement a number of advanced test benches, including for CO2 and R290 compressors.

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