Technical support and warranty

Frascold, always at your side

Frascold takes a 360° approach to support, which is demonstrated in continuous customer assistance and support throughout the entire project: from framing and analysing the specific needs, to design consulting, including the creation of custom solutions, up to post-sales support.

Pre-sales consultancy
Pre-sales consulting

Thanks to the know-how of its Competence Center, Frascold is able to support customers in creating the latest generation systems. This team continually manages to satisfy every need thanks to its deep knowledge of the technologies and application sectors, including in international markets.

The company is a respected partner for companies looking for strategic consulting services, not only because of this team’s expertise, but also by virtue of the advanced Frascold FSS3 Selection&Simulation Software. This software makes it possible to identify the best Frascold solution and provides assistance in the configuration of the entire HVACR system.

Co-design and "made to measure" designs

Working with customers and being proactive in creating ad hoc solutions, in order to meet specific needs, have always been fundamental priorities at the heart of Frascold’s philosophy. Indeed, the company stands out for its ability to work closely with customers in order to deliver outstanding technical solutions. A need, today, more than ever, which is dictated by strong competition and by the current economic situation which requires designers to continually increase the efficiency and reliability of systems. In this regard, the numerous close partnerships that have been established over the years are proof that the added value that comes from relying on Frascold lies in its ability to customise it compressors and to accompany the customer through every phrase of a project, including with “problem solving” and “fine tuning” activities.

Co-design and tailor-made projects
After sales Frascold
After-sales and maintenance

Thanks to a dedicated, highly professional team, Frascold supports customers with a high value added after-sales support service. A comprehensive support and qualified consulting service that helps build a relationship of trust with partners and which grows over time. Frascold also supports customers by guaranteeing on-site interventions, retrofit operations, technologies to monitor the operational parameters of compressors in real time and, finally, the ability to purchase spare parts easily and in complete independence through the indispensable Frascold Spare Parts Program.