Why choose us

Why choose us?

Why Frascold


Behind every single goal achieved by Frascold, there is a great team work aimed at transforming every challenge into an opportunity to develop high added value solutions.








Dedicated training




Solutions for every need


The brand new Competence Center is a Frascold flagship: a centre of excellence with highly qualified professional technicians, always at your side. By virtue of the consolidated experience in the sector, the Center boasts unmatched know-how and expertise on products, technologies, systems, and refrigerants, to meet the needs of any design, even the most complex.

A heterogeneous team, specifically selected by the company, with the objective of offering high-level strategic advice and the aim of enhancing each design decision by identifying the best Frascold solution. A global support approach features continuous and customised support, step by step, through every phase of the project: from an analysis of the specific needs, to the design, sale, installation, and post-sales service, in order to ensure the greatest continuity of service and the best levels of performance from the compressors.

specialised consultancy
Know-how that makes the difference
The secrets of Frascold excellence

Quality of raw materials, production flexibility, technologically advanced processes and investments in innovation and testing: these are the "secrets" behind the excellence of Frascold compressors.

Manufacturing quality

The company has direct control over the entire value chain for a flexibility that becomes imperative in reducing time-to-market. Indeed, the market demands the highest speed and products of increasingly high quality, which are quick and simple to install and maintain. That is why Frascold constantly invests in the company’s vertical integration, which can be seen through three main assets: safeguarding the phases of design and development, manufacturing, and testing.

Excellence in processes

• The organisational choice enables the company to validate its products and processes, and to intervene in terms of innovation and automation so that both the superior standards, for which the company is known, and a constant reduction in lead times can be assured.

Technology and automation

Frascold invests in innovation, technology and automation, at every stage: from the selection of the raw materials, the supplies of which are carefully checked through analysis certificates, radiometric controls, and chemical analysis, to the blending at Fonderie Palmieri based on the application needs forwarded by the customer, up to the mechanical processing carried out at the advanced manufacturing facility in the province of Milan, Italy, which boasts 4.0 processes, automated work centres, and a paint department with 5, 7-axis anthropomorphic robots, supplied with semi-finished products by an automated warehouse.

Test and performance

100% of the compressors, both with natural refrigerants (R290 and CO2) and with low GWP synthetic refrigerants, are subjected to a triple electrical, mechanical, and seal test, to ensure the greatest safety and are laboratory tested to verify their performance and durability as promised in the co-design phase.

Tools and training
Dedicated training

Frascold believes in the value of continuous training and supports webinars, online lessons, and courses at the Training Center at its headquarters, where attendees have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical aspects covered, making use of a laboratory equipped with complete systems and some of the latest innovations in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

A wide range of options are available to industry professionals, who can brush up on their knowledge, learn about the international regulations, and keep up to date on market trends, in order to meet the challenges posed by continuous technological advancements effectively.

A comprehensive offer with high service content

Product know-how

Customer satisfaction is, for Frascold, an absolutely essential aim and a fundamental parameter for measuring and enhancing its business. The goal is to set new, demanding objectives to improve performance with a view to competitiveness and corporate excellence. This process of continuous growth takes the form, on the one hand, of the research and development of increasingly more advanced, durable, reliable, and sustainable solutions that combine technological innovation and outstanding efficiency and, on the other hand, of the supply of a complete range of services, pre- and post-sales, that go towards increasing the value of the company’s offer. This is a strategic asset, which keeps a constant focus on the real needs of customers, thanks to the company’s ability to identify, anticipate, and read signs and trends coming from the market. Indeed, Frascold, by virtue of its global sales and support activities, is, today, more than ever, set up as a privileged observer on the world market, exclusively for the benefit of its customers.