Frascold, always standing by its employees and their families

Official communication

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Frascold Headquarters

A clear objective of the company is to protect the health of its employees.

Frascold promptly responded to the emergency from COVID-19, immediately activating various initiatives, in compliance with the urgent measures aimed at containing the contagion currently in place. A clear objective of the company is to protect the health of its employees, while ensuring continuity of work activities in maximum safety. In this sense, Frascold announces that it has adopted the following plan:

  • Distribution of a specific information leaflet on COVID-19 to all staff;
  • Entering and exiting in a scale of different times, already in place at Frascold, with detection of body temperature at the entrance and restricted access if higher than 37.5 ° C;
  • Lavatories equipped with hand cleaners and instructions for correct hygiene. Presence of dispensers positioned at the entrance / exit and in different points of the office;
  • Maximum availability of Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) for each employee: the use of gloves, already envisaged in the production departments and in the warehouses for receiving and delivering goods, has been extended to the entire production area;
  • The cleaning of environments and workstations has also been intensified through an extraordinary sanitization activity, in collaboration with specialized companies. Specifically, the production and assembly areas were treated, including forklifts and any other type of equipment used, offices and the canteen area. In this sense, in full compliance with the procedures contained in the provisions, specific products authorized by the Ministry of Health have been used. In addition, the Automated Vending Machines are sanitized every day;
  • To guarantee the interpersonal safety distance, travel within the plant and meetings have been limited, with preference, where possible, for web conferences. The following were also prepared: the closure of the changing rooms, the replacement of the canteen service with a Lunch Box and a Smart Working calendar, to limit the presence of staff inside the offices. Finally, the Company encourage the use of holidays and permits for all employees;
  • Meetings with suppliers and consultants were suspended at a new date to be defined and national and international business trips cancelled;
  • Courier management was managed through specific measures;
  • Establishment of a Committee for the application and verification of the rules of the regulatory protocol, with the participation of the company union representatives and the RLS.

In relation to the current national health emergency scenario, Frascold has activated extraordinary insurance tools to strengthen the health protection of his employees. The supplementary policy signed provides:

  • An allowance of € 100 per day, starting from the eighth day and for a maximum of ten, in the event of hospitalization caused by the COVID-19 infection.
  • A convalescence allowance of € 3,000, paid upon discharge from the Institute of treatment, following hospitalization in intensive care caused by infection with COVID-19.
  • A post-hospitalization care package, if longer than 7 days, to facilitate healing and family management.

This coverage is a concrete expression of Frascold's desire to be close to its employees and their families, in case of need.

We thank all our collaborators for the resilience and dedication shown as of now, important signs of Frascold's trust in the future.