An ethane chiller for the energy sector

Frascold and Zoppi together for technical cold at low temperatures

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Partnership - Frascold - Zoppi

With Frascold, the right combination becomes natural: from the synergy with Zoppi comes an innovative R170 chiller for the production and transformation of energy able to ensure technical cold at low temperatures.


For several years, the refrigeration sector has been experiencing a gradual process of replacing old generation synthetic refrigerants. A path promoted by the regulations adopted at the international and European levels in response to the climate emergency.

In a scenario in which the eco-compatibility of refrigerants has assumed a role of primary importance, from the partnership between Frascold and Zoppi - a company specialized in the design and manufacture of refrigeration systems and chillers tailored to different industrial applications - the ethane plant is born for the production and transformation of energy and guarantee of measurable results in terms of performance, sustainability and reliability.

A turnkey solution

The project, developed ad hoc thanks to the sharing of technical skills and studies conducted together with the technical office of Frascold, saw the creation of a chiller capable of reaching -80°C, a high-performance installation even at -60°C, where it generates a power of 80 kW.

A turnkey solution consisting of a cascade system that maximizes energy efficiency, while fully respecting the environment. In this sense, the semi-hermetic ATEX piston compressors in the AXH version, optimized for hydrocarbons and all temperature ranges, proved to be the ideal product to meet the very low temperature conditions required by the chemical process, in an eco-friendly way. In detail, the AXH range, ATEX zone 2 certified, allows the use of R170, in total safety. A natural alternative with a GWP of 6, significantly lower than traditional refrigerants, which makes it possible to obtain the necessary high power, while ensuring a lower environmental impact. In addition, the compressors are driven by inverters, for a constant modulation of the cooling capacity, a fundamental technical choice for start-up and management at partial loads.

Partnership - Frascold - Zoppi
Partnership - Frascold - Zoppi

A successful partnership

For Zoppi, Frascold, more than a supplier, is a partner. Their expertise in the hydrocarbon sector, evidenced by the wide range offered, makes the selection of the right compressor simple and efficient. With this project, we have created a chiller with two sections: a top section, where condensation with process water takes place, in favor of heat recovery, and a bottom cycle, which includes a back up system to keep the ethane at low temperature and pressure even when the system is stopped.” comments Stefano Zoppi, Technical Director at Zoppi S.r.l., who concludes, “In addition to the solid relationship of exchange that has distinguished the collaboration, the possibility of having an ATEX solution has certainly represented a further advantage, in that the installation area was already subject to certification. We are satisfied with the final result, a success witnessed by an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of about 1, calculated at -55°C, a very high and interesting result. With this project, we have added a new piece for an increasingly sustainable and efficient future."